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Workpackages and Activities

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  • Workpackage 1: Establishment of the Network of adult education providers

    The Workpackage includes all the activities for the establishment and operation of the Network, as well as the communication and raising awareness activities for promoting the project activities and the Network.

    • Activity 1.1: Establishment of the Network’s Steering Committee
    • Activity 1.2: Preparation of the formal agreement for the establishment of the Network
    • Activity 1.3: Organisation of the kick off meeting - signing the formal agreement for the establishment of the network
    • Activity 1.4: Developing a detailed strategy for the development and operation of the Network
    • Activity 1.5: Production of communication and information material
    • Activity 1.6: Organisation of communication and raising awareness activities
    • Activity 1.7: Development and operation of a web platform
    • Activity 1.8: Organisation of a final conference

  • Workpackage 2: Exchange of good practices and capacity building of the partner organisations
  • Workpackage 3: Production of a manual on adult education programmes and policy recommendations
  • Workpackage 4: Capacity building of organizations involved in adult education
  • Workpackage 5: Evaluation of the project
  • Workpackage 6: Ensuring the sustainability of the network
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