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About the Network

The STEP UP Network

The STEP UP Network consists of adult education providers of informal and non-formal educational activities, who are working on the promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Culture has proven to be a cost-effective and flexible tool for promoting social inclusion and development objectives. The Agenda for Sustainable Development of 2030 clearly supports the increasing contribution of cultural activities to sustainable development.

Art is a tremendously positive force in bringing people together, promoting a more inclusive and peaceful world through its universal values and principles. Regular participation in cultural activities provides various social and health benefits. Not only does it have a direct impact on social skills, but it also creates a new perspective in life.

Mission of the Network

In order to achieve its ambitions, the founding members of the Network have set the following mission:

To inform and raise awareness about the positive impact of cultural and artistic activities in the social inclusion process of various vulnerable groups;

To promote and enhance the effectiveness of cultural and artistic activities, as a tool for the promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable groups (i.e. women, minorities, immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and other disadvantaged groups such as elderly, people with disabilities, unemployed, homeless, etc);

To advocate for the adoption of cultural and artistic activities in the programmes and projects aiming at the social inclusion of vulnerable groups;

To empower the people who are socially excluded.
Vision of the Network

The Vision of the network is the empowerment of vulnerable groups through their participation in cultural and artistic activities. The Network aims at strengthening social inclusion, empowering vulnerable groups and promoting equal access to cultural activities, while providing innovative cultural solutions and implementing initiatives and activities that help vulnerable groups overcome barriers to participation in socio-economic life.

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