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Espacio Rojo (Spain)


Non-governmental (non-commercial) legal entity, Espacio Rojo, was established on 2004, to support artistic creation in all its facets, generate spaces for reflection, debate and meeting of people related to the cultural field and promote participation projects that promote interculturality, integration and social awareness, bringing art, culture, education closer together in order to improve and build a better society.

Our Mission Statement is

  • Encourage the participation and support the socio-labor insertion of vulnerable groups.
  • Support the most disadvantaged children.
  • Promote equality of opportunities between women and men.
  • Promote formal and non-formal education in its various artistic disciplines.
  • Support artistic creation to promote emerging artistic and cultural creators.
  • Promote the participation of women, as well as other vulnerable groups.
  • To turn art & culture into a tool for raising society's awareness of social problems.
  • Being a culture, art & education space of reference for participation, reflection, debate.

Espacio Rojo´s experience is based on working more than ten years with the objective of creation and promotion of cultural, artistic and social research through participatory design projects and community processes, promoting and stimulating intercultural dialogue through collaboration with other groups and agents at the local, national and international level.

The organisation has experience (since 2006) in organizing arts-based and educational workshops and programs for socially vulnerable children (all ages) and training the trainers programs for educators, artists, therapists, NGO staff, volunteers as well as thematic conferences and seminars in Spain and other European countries.

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Address: Calle Carlos Daban 20, 2o –B. Madrid -28019, Spain
Phone number: +34 616340783
e-mail: info@espaciorojo.com
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