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Equal Society (Greece)


“Equal Society” was established in February 2010 as an independent and non-profit organization aiming at carrying out actions for combatting social exclusion, unemployment and poverty. Its primary objective is to support and inform citizens on the issues related toequal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life. More specifically, its interventions are related to the following areas:


  • “Studying with Scholarships”: We offer full-time scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, who cannot afford to pursue their studies.
  • “E-Gnosis Programme”: Provision of training in new technologies and English language that allows vulnerable groups to obtain accredited certificates.

Social welfare and protection

  • Social structures for combatting poverty and social exclusion: since 2012, we have been operating Soup Kitchens, Social Pharmacies, Open Day Center for Homeless, etc, offering, on a daily basis, a wide range of social services and support to thousands of people who at risk-of-poverty.
  • Social Housing: In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Athens and Child's Smile, the initiative provided housing, psychological support and job counseling to homeless people living in Attica.
  • Street Work actions to support homeless people in Athens, Corfu and Lefkada.

Social inclusion

  • RTS +: In collaboration with the Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) we have developed an innovative initiative aiming at the integration of drug addicts through adventurous sports.
  • RePOWER: In cooperation with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, we are implementing Paralympic Sports activities for integrating refugees with disabilities into the Greek society.
  • Legal Counseling: We provide legal assistance to homeless, socially excluded and other people in need.
  • STEADY: European initiative to raise awareness on the issue of integration of migrant PwDs in Europe through sport.

Employment & entrepreneurship

  • Open Gate: zhteitai.gr is a job search and education platform that provides a wide range of information to the most vulnerable people.
  • Social Economy Support Center of Lefkada: The Center provides counseling services to support the establishment and development of social enterprises.

Culture and arts

The theater group of homeless people (“Walkabout”) in Greece: It is an innovative educational tool and a means of raising public awareness on issues related to vulnerable groups.

Research – evaluations

Social Value Network in Greece: An initiative to develop a nationwide Social Value network in Greece and establish monitoring and evaluation methods for organizations as part of their daily operation. More than 50 Non-Governmental Organizations, social enterprises and private companies have been evaluated.

Since its establishment, Equal Society has received the following awards:

  • Quality Award 2013 by the President of the Hellenic Republic
  • Bravo Sustainability Award 2015
  • Bravo Sustainability Award 2019

Website of the partner

Contact details of the partner

Address: Athens, Santaroza 1 Str., 10564, Greece
Phone number: (+30) 2117051841
e-mail: info@equalsociety.gr

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